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Nu Skin focuses on quality and environmental protection

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As one of the leadingmultinational enterprises deeply rooted in the field of personal care productsand nutritional supplements,

Nu Skin has been focusing on its own developmentin China since it entered the Chinese market in 2003. Meanwhile, Nu Skin hasbeen continuously practicing the corporate mission of "Force for Good",persisting in creating high-quality products for consumers and protectingconsumers' rights and interests, and actively fulfilling its corporate socialresponsibility with practical actions.

Through the implementation of greensustainable development strategy, aiming to contribute to the society as muchas possible.

Offer Trustworthy Product with Good Faith

Nu Skin has alwaysbelieved that an enterprise should first have the belief of good faith, thatis, it should be responsible for its own products and insist on providing consumers with the best quality products. Nu Skin has stayed in the Chinesemarket for 17 years, which has always adhered to the principle of quality andintegrity, and has been involved in all aspects of production, operation andsales. Nu Skin firmly believes that high quality is an effective tool to resistmarket risks.

In terms of R & Dand production of products, Nu Skin formulated high standards as early as 1996to strictly monitor the quality, effect and safety of each link.

The key to maintaina stable product quality is their "6S quality measures" that includesix links --Topic Selection, Source, Specification, Standardization, Safety andVerification. Each of which is closely related and indispensable.

In order to further guaranteethe protection the rights and interests of consumers, Nu Skin China, improvedits product traceability system, which opened the era of "one product, onecode" many years ago.

In 2017, Nu Skin launched a new platform of"one product, one code". Through its TTS traceability system (Track& Trace System), it realized the application of product regulatory code,and the function of activation and consumer query. The consumers are availableto check the authenticity of each product through the electronic supervisioncode in the ways of SMS, Internet and telephone call.

In addition, Nu Skin hasbeen committed to improving management measures to ensure product quality.Taking the second phase GCIP project as an example, which is under constructionwith an investment of about 360 million yuan, its production center will bebuilt base on the standard of the industry 4.0, to create an intelligent production platform with technology empowerment, integrating quality managementinto the whole production process.

With its constant efforts in product quality and service assurance, Nu Skin has won many productawards. In 2019, Euromonitor International Ltd, a data analyse agency of globalmarket research, rewarded Nu Skin as the No.1 Home Beauty Instrument Series Brandin global retail sales in 2017 and 2018. Positive feedback from all partieswill encourage Nu Skin to focus more on improving product quality, to bringbetter products to consumers.

Committed to Sustainable Development strategy with Good Practices

In fact, Nu Skin has been activelyimplementing sustainable development in products and environmental protectionsince its establishment in 1984. In terms of product packaging, all plasticbottles of Nu Skin have adopted recyclable materials. Since 2018, Nu Skin hasbeen committed to increasing the content of recycled plastics in plasticbottles and improving the recyclability of products. In order to protect theearth, by the end of December 2019, all Nu Skin stores have recovered 1312454empty bottles, with a total of 33943.14kg and the energy saving reaches477846.86 kwh.

When it comes to product, in 2019, Nu Skin acquired Groviv, acontrollable environment agriculture company, and released CEA(controllableenvironmental agriculture), an innovative technology to help agriculturalsustainable development, that is, using the plants planted by the scientificresearch technology of CEA (controllable environmental agriculture) as rawmaterials of products, to truly achieve environmental protection from the source,which can not only provide consumers with safe, effective and traceable productingredients, but also greatly reduce the land and water resources required, soas to enhance the sustainability of the entire Earth's resources. Concerningenergy conservation and environmental protection, the Greater China InnovationHeadquarter Area of Nu Skin and its phase II project, are all constructedaccording to the LEED standard of international green building certificationsystem.As for its design, building materials and construction techniques,which are built with the intelligent standard of industry 4.0, integrating theconcept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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