TIENS, the leading direct selling wellness industrywill be officially open in Kazakhstan - 纪实网资讯

TIENS, the leading direct selling wellness industrywill be officially open in Kazakhstan

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Recently, TIENS,the leading direct selling wellness industry announced inAlma Ata thattheir new retail business will be officially open in Kazakhstan. Besides, TINES experience store has formally operated in Arbat street that located at ancient silk road, which manifest their global strategy with an integration and multi-channel model, the second one in overseas since 2018 July, and the fourth of its global store.


(Picture showed the locals gathered in the opening ceremony in Arbat street.)

Data showed that TIENS have got their 2019 halal certification since awarded with the best health product prize in 2017, which offers guaranteed and high quality product to local customers. In past 4 years, TINES have donated ₸25.6 million for public activities in Kazakhstan. TIENS also claimed that they will continue focus on Children’s charity project in future times, to contribute for local economy and public welfare undertakings.


(Picture showed that fashionable young people rushed to experience store in Kazakhstan.)

Since its launch of “an integration and multi-channel model” strategy, TIENS have been devoting significant resources to build a complete business system including wellness product, retail sales, medical and health care, education, e commerce, tourism and hotel industry. TIENS explained that the first experience store in Kazakhstan will bring brand new marketing model and create more chances if fully integrate online& offline business, it goes like making use of internet store to drive physical store business, and physical stores to promote internet business. At the same time, TIENS will offer the latest experience of social connections for those who pursue a fashionable lifestyle, providing a most direct and different consumer feeling for young people, and spark more topics between them, so as to convey a real and reliable feeling for people who strive for happiness.


(Picture showed the experience physical store in Kazakhstan.)

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