The company founders—Kent Wood, Joe Zhou and Steinway Huang—celebrated the launch at a two-day event in Los Angeles where they showcased their exclusive line of nutritionals, including customizable breakfast blends. The VIIVA team also introduced new sales solutions designed to empower salespeople with the advanced technolog

Kids’Food Basket recently opened a new farm and distribution center that will draw from Amway and Nutrilite’s rich farming history.Amway has partnered with Kids’Food Basket,a nonprofit that address food insecurity and childhood nutrition near Amway’s world headquarters in Ada,Michigan,for more than 15 years.The experts b

On 16 April, top executive of Beijing Tongrentang Chinese Medicine gathered their associates for a conference with the theme of don’tforgetwhywestarted andmoveforwardbravely. They are meeting each other cordially and sharing their future plans freely.Firstly, executives announced lots of good news to vast majority of associate

Recently, TIENS,the leading direct selling wellness industry announced inAlma Ata thattheir new retail business will be officially open in Kazakhstan. Besides, TINES experience store has formally operated in Arbat street that located at ancient silk road, which manifest their global strategy with an integration and multi-channel

On the morning of July 6, 2018, Tianjin Charity Association and SUNHOPE foundation gathered at SUNHOPE headquarters based in China for negotiation, aimed at boosting a loving heart, let the compassion travel together, and making contributions to social philanthropy.

On July 7, Chairman LI JIN YUAN of TIENS visited India on July 7, offer suggestions for expanding India market, which it’s a good news for TIENS partners.At 1 am July 8th, TIENS members based in India are waiting to meet Chairman LI in Indira Gandhi International Airport, the members include Assistant President