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The annual meeting of Indian DSA was held in New Delhi

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On September 25, 2019, the annual meeting of the Indian Direct Selling Association was held in New Delhi, the capital of India. Vivek Katoch, the current president of the DirectSellingAssociation of India, presided over themeeting, which was facilitated by Kantar, a global data, insight and consulting firm.Mr. BrianCai, Director of the CWTO DirectSellingResearch Professional Committee, andMr. DaleSun,ViceSecretaryof the CWTO DirectSellingResearch Professional Committee were invited to attend the conference.

The Indian DSAreleased the Annual Survey Report 2018-2019during the meeting. According to Vivek Katoch,India has apopulation of 1.3 billion,with a direct sellinghistory of nearly 20

years.ithasfallacross the new phase of fast progressin recent years. In 2018, the total performance of the directselling market exceeded¥10billion.Further more,he also gave a detailed introductionaboutIndia and its directselling market. He believedthatthe best time for enterprises to enter Indian marketis now.

At present, India ranks sixth in GDP and third in purchasing power,which makesit one of the fastest growing economies in the world. At the same time, India has a growing human resource with strong capabilities and low cost, as well as a number of incentive policies in the manufacturing sector introduced by the government.

Based onannual statistics of the Indian DSA, thesalesof the Indian direct selling industry in 2016-2017 exceeded100.3 billionrupees(¥10 billion), with itsannual composite growth ratereached 8.42%compared with the performance growth in 2013-2014, while the overall growthreached 24%. Indiaowns more than 5.1 million directsellers fromthe statistics of 2016-2017,53% ofwhomare women. By 2023-2024, direct sellers in India are expected to reach $3 billion, about¥20.6 billion.

Dietary supplements and health care products accounted for 53% of total sales in India's directsellingmarket, followed by cosmetics and personal care products,with a total ofabout 30.4%. India's leadingdirect sellingcompanies arerespectivelyAmway,Herbalife, Tupperware, Avon, AMC, DXNand so on.

Over the past 20 years, the Indian directsellingindustry has alsoexperiencedunstable development process, but the Indian DSAhas been committed toahealthy and orderly development throughthecommunication and cooperation withtheConsumer Affairs Department ofIndian Government, a guidelineissued from which has beenleadingthe development of directsellingsince2016, whichhas also brought India's direct sales into a stable and rapid development stage.