Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Released "Epidemic Relief and Rectifying Drink" Prescriptions to the World. - 纪实网资讯

Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Released "Epidemic Relief and Rectifying Drink" Prescriptions to the World.

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March 31, 2020

Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine made their "Epidemic Relief and Rectifying Drink" prescriptions to the public yesterday by Cloud service, delivering novel coronavirus treatment plan to 30 countries and regions including  Italy, Iran, Spain, France, Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Holland, the US States, South Korea, Japan, Australia, China Hongkong and Macao.

A series of prescriptions and Chinese medicines on the "one region, one policy" principle have been issued to those countries based on their various climate and humidity condition, different physical and drug usage habit. Currently, 45000 pieces have been allocated to countries like Italy, Canada, Singapore, UK and Sweden.


The "Epidemic Relief and Rectifying Drink" prescriptions are traditional Chinese medicine recipes specially designed for prevention and control of the coronavirus epidemic by an expert group, which is led by Dr.Tang Zuxuan, the Chinese medicine master, joined by 20 other overseas Chinese medicine experts from Tong Ren Tang. After its official release, the group will bring health services to overseas Chinese and local residents through its stores in 26 countries and regions, and with the aid of other medical institutions they will fight against the epidemictogether with French, German, Italy, Iran and Japan.

In recent years, Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine under Tong Ren Tang Group, has established a strong presence in 28 countries and regions across five continents, and thus hundreds of millions of overseas people have access to Chinese-version health solutions. Since the outbreak of coronavirus in many countries, Tong Ren Tang has built " Tong Ren Tang overseas expert group" to develop various prescriptions, allocation of emergency medical supplies and donation programs are followed to help ease the overseas pressure. Up to now, the overseas donated materials has exceeded 1 million yuan.

Tong Ren Tang is also committed to the frontline prevention of the coronavirus, with three batches of medical supplies worth of more than 22 million yuan has been brought to the different hospitals both in China and abroad.

Tong Ren Tang Group have beenworking overtime to make anti-coronavirus drugs like Angong Niuhuang Wan, Purple Snowy Powder, and Storax Pill since resumed work in January 28th. At present, more than 2400 pharmacies and retail outlets of Tong Ren Tang worldwide are making every effort to ensure stable drug supply, andtheypublicly promise price gouging will not be seen.

Source: Beijing Daily