Nu Skin Enterprises President: Development of the Greater China Market Under the Belt and Road Initiative - 纪实网资讯

Nu Skin Enterprises President: Development of the Greater China Market Under the Belt and Road Initiative

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Overseas Net, April 26“The Belt and Road Initiative conforms to the trend of the times and has broad prospects. In future, we will as always actively participate in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, make efforts to promote global economic integration and share the fruits of global economic development.” On April 26, Nu Skin Enterprises president Ryan Napierski paid a visit to the live broadcast of the Peoples Dailys Overseas Net, expressed his views around the issue Development of the Greater China Market Under the “Belt and Road” Initiative

Ryan Napierski is one of the invited enterprise representatives of the Second Belt and Road Forum for Internatio. Speaking of feelings about the forum, Ryan Napierski said, he was extremely honored and happy to be able to attend this forum, the Belt and Road initiative proposed by the Chinese government is one of the best plans to promote global economic integration and seek common development of all countries in the world. Under the current world economic structure, the holding of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is of great significance.

“Nu Skin has placed China, as the origin of the Belt and Road, at the center of our international development strategy. We not only actively respond to and support the Belt And Road initiative, but also seize the opportunity to act in line with the trend and promote the company’s development towards internationalization and modernization.” Ryan Napierski said.

Ryan Napierski pointed out, The Chinese market plays an important role in Nu Skin Enterprises’ global strategy. Judging from the proportion of Nu Skin’s global revenue which comes from China, China has rapidly grown into Nu Skin’s fastest growing market globally, after years of development.

“Since we formally entered the Chinese market, we have seen Chinese market as the most promising potential market for development. Nu Skin’s strategic goal is to be rooted in the Chinese market and develop together with the Chinese economy. Our goal of deepening our commitment to China and achieving sustainable and steady development in China has never changed.” Ryan Napierski said.

In order to better integrate with the Chinese market, Nu Skin takes innovation as the core of its strategy, implementing the "innovation-driven growth strategy". Through innovation and uphold product philosophy of "all of the good and none of the bad", Nu Skin continues to seek to achieve product quality, service quality and improvement in all areas, to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

Ryan Napierski pointed out, for example, in response to huge demand in China's anti-aging market, in 2009 Nu Skin launched ageLOC Technology, which has been met with an unprecedented response. In 2015, Nu Skin launched the forward-looking product ageLOC Me, which seeks to satisfy the demand for intelligent, personalized and customized products which has come about as a result of the internet age. Powered by big data, ageLOC Me achieved impressive sales results upon its launch data. Then in December 2017, Nu Skin launched its innovative skincare and cleansing tool AgeLOC LumiSpa in China. The three products of the ageLOC Slim Beauty/Beauty Spa, ageLOC Me and ageLOC LumiSpa together form the Ageloc beauty apparatus “golden ecosystem”. This year Nu Skin also released the LumiSPA Accent, an eyecare kit which is the latest addition to the “golden ecosystem.”

Ryan Napierski also introduced the history of Nu Skin's development in the Greater China region. From his perspective, the Greater China region has always been a strategic core of Nu Skin global business. "For Nu Skin, the achievements we have made in the Greater China market are the result of the continuous development and growth across the four regional markets, which together help Nu Skin to continuously create new prospects for business development. Therefore, Nu Skin's development in the Greater China region cannot be separated from its persistent cultivation of China’s four regional markets. The four regional markets of China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are parts of inseparable whole, and we recognize and respect their unity.” Ryan Napierski said.