On 16 April, top executive of Beijing Tongrentang Chinese Medicine gathered their associates for a conference - 纪实网资讯

On 16 April, top executive of Beijing Tongrentang Chinese Medicine gathered their associates for a conference

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On 16 April, top executive of Beijing Tongrentang Chinese Medicine gathered their associates for a conference with the theme of don’tforgetwhywestarted andmoveforwardbravely. They are meeting each other cordially and sharing their future plans freely.

Firstly, executives announced lots of good news to vast majority of associates, including new product launch plan, extensive training and propaganda proposal. Those are believed to be an effective stimulus for marketing, pushing the market steadily forward. The associates crowded on scene show their eagerness for future and gratitude for the support offered.


At the same time, top executives reiterated that a sound market is guaranteed by the effort of every associate. Tongrentang will continue to put legal and orderly market operation into their first priority, insist on cracking down on all kinds of illegal practices, ban the exaggerated publicity, establish self-disciplinary awareness of protecting brand, so that to make sure a sound and orderly market.


After the meeting, the executives of Tongrentangand their associates headed to attend Da Xing Health Intelligent Manufacturing Base. A overall introduction is offered about Tongrentang’s healthcare experience store, intelligent logistic center, and the overview of whole base.


(Da Xing base digital colored wall screen)

Da Xing Health Intelligent Manufacturing Base, has been recognized as the Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 project of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which located at National Innovation Model Zhongguancun Area, Da Xing Biological Medicine Industry Base, it covers85906.43square meters,with a total floor area of117170.72square meter.

The construction of which is based on the first-class level of national standard, which forms a large and very characteristic manufacturing and logistics base for science and research purpose combined wellness and nutrition healthcare, removing capacity bottleneck, promoting the scale of production and sales, and offering a strong supply system for omni-channel development.

Tongrentang experience store is the first to be visited for it’s leading high tech and advanced concept.


24 hours self-service medicine machine successfully attract lots of attention. The machine from US adopted the most advanced automatic intelligence warehouse system, offering a 24 hours drugs purchasing service, production management is controlled by the robot of artificial intelligence, which bring customers a different shopping experience.


(artificial-intelligence robot)

One of the most notably area in the first floor is the direct selling product display area, there put a wide variety of healthcare product and a series of herb extractors, which manifest its importance of direct selling channel.




Tea and beverage room, bakery, coffee house, dietary kitchen and wine house has been respectively visited afterwards.


The first thing we saw in second floor is the wall full of patent certificates, it shows their excellent product R&D ability with more than 80 wellness related patents, which rank top among the industry.



Associate representatives visited 9 different function department subsequently and get to know 12 health treatment programs, their leading global health equipment mix both technology and tradition together, which it’s really eye-opening.


On the third floor, Chinese medicine dispensary, laboratory, medicine processing room, new visual medicine room, traditional chinese medicine clinic have then been visited, offered a chance to get to know face recognition function, cloud interaction and self-register service.


Later, Intelligent logistic center is visited.


Stereoscopic warehouse bring in advanced high story shelf system andWMSstorage management system, combine ERP system, automatically getting the materials up and down from the shelf can be achieved.


By AGV, materials can be automatically transported to workshop, guaranteeing a superior and intelligent logistics service.

Next, everyone has been led to the conference center, where can accommodate more than one thousand guests with a full lighting system adopted, the light of which present a harmonious atmosphere with their smile , it seems that sunshine is coming to their life.


The executive of Tongrentang is making a speech, a round of applause can be heard.



After the visit, the presentative of associates is enjoying afternoon tea of Chinese wolfberry coffee, during which they are full of praise for the concept, health treatment program, health equipment and the service of Da Xing Health Intelligent Manufacturing Base owns.


Visitors here can not only feel the magic ofhomology of medicine and food, but also to get to know how to keep healthy, the vision and mission of Tongrentang are fully experienced and shared between them.


In near future, a transparent digital factory and the future laboratory will be available to use. It’s believed that Tongrentang is moving forward to a very inspiring development path.